Disclaimers & Disclosure

Hey all!  Now to get down to the nitty gritty.  

I am not a professional dermatologist or makeup artist.  All my reviews are based on my own experiences with the product in question.  What may work for me with my skin type, may not work for you with yours.  I am not liable for any issues that may come about for you trying a product mentioned here on my blog.  Please use caution and your own discretion when trying out any item mentioned within my posts – and when in doubt, ALWAYS discuss with your dermatologist if you have questions or developed any rash or breakouts.  

A majority of the products reviewed here have been purchased with my own money and I am not being sponsored or paid to say anything about them.  There are a few things that brands will send for me to test out and review, but I will ALWAYS disclose when a product being reviewed was sent to me in the beginning of the post.  My intent is to never lie to you – whether by omission or otherwise.  That being said, I will never also never promote a brand I do not stand behind or truly love.  Also, I do use some affiliate links and make a percentage off any purchases you make through those links.  If any links within a post are affiliate, I will also mention that at the beginning of the post so you are all aware.  

The images used on my site are mainly my own, but on some product reviews I might use the retail image of that item from either the manufacturer’s site or one of their resellers.  I am not claiming any of those images to be mine – the copyright obviously belongs to their respective owners.  I will always list the source of those types of photos underneath the image, but if you are the owner of any supporting visual image I use and would like me to remove it – please notify me and I will take it down immediately.  

Now, I am basing my site off my reviews of certain products and brands so I would be remiss if I banned reviews on my own posts.  Obviously, we will not all agree on holy grail or epic fail products and I definitely appreciate other people’s views and recommendations.  However, I will not tolerate mean or disrespectful comments – either to myself or to my fellow reviewers/followers.  This is a safe space for beauty lovers to discuss anything and everything.  I reserve the right to remove any comment I feel is inappropriate.  Bullies have no place in my life or on my site.