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Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Foundation & Concealer – Product Review


Color Options – 16 Shades (10 Porcelain to 95 Coconut)

Contains – 1.0 fl.oz


Color Options – 6 Shades (Ivory to Deep)

Contains – 0.25 fl.oz


Hey all and welcome back to Skincare Struggles!

Super Stay Better Skin Foundation (Shade: 15 Ivory) & Concealer + Corrector (Shade: 10 Ivory)

Today’s post is about a newer foundation & concealer combo I picked up about a month or so ago at Walmart (I think it’s cheaper at Target like I linked above).  I heard Casey Holmes rave about these on her YouTube channel and as a fellow oily skin/textured gal, I just had to pick it up – plus it’s DRUGSTORE.  The Better Skin line is advertised as being great for your skin the more you use it.  Both the foundation and concealer contain actyl C (a form of Vitamin C) which claims to reduce dark circles/spots, improve the look of texture and brighten the skin for smoother, better looking “stress-free” skin with continued use, according to the packaging.  With the addition of titanium dioxide, the foundation also provide SPF 15 to prevent aging from the sun’s harmful rays as well.  The foundation boasts medium to full coverage and I thought it had a semi-matte finish on its own.

I picked up the shade 15 Ivory at Walmart since it was the lightest one available, but it is a little too pink for my perfect shade.  I usually make it work by using a more yellow-tone concealer or powder if I need to, otherwise my neutral undertone allows me to get away with it alone.  You get the standard 1-fl.oz amount of product in a sturdy glass bottle with a pump dispenser and cover.  I prefer to apply with a brush due to the looser, liquid-like formula.  The few times I’ve used sponges, I think I needed about twice as much product to get the same coverage.  Though it is buildable to full coverage, I do think that with the semi-matte finish it can look a bit cakey once layered.  I think one liberal layer covers enough for me – and as you all know, I do NOT have anywhere near perfect skin.  


The concealer tends to have a more radiant finish and definitely a shearer coverage.  It’s got a standard doe-foot applicator in a plastic tube.  I love the color of this concealer (I got it in the shade Ivory) – it’s got yellow undertone that really helps brighten the center points of the face.  Whereas I could get away with not setting the foundation every time – the concealer DEFINITELY needs to be set.  It tends to crease slightly even when set, but it’s easy enough to tap out without taking off too much product during touch-ups.  I actually prefer it for covering blemishes since it blends out nicely and doesn’t look too thick.  The doe-foot applicator however, is AWFUL!  I feel like it picks up absolutely no product and I have to keep dipping back into the tube and swirling the sides to get enough for even one under eye.  Usually that struggle doesn’t begin until the concealer’s almost empty!!  

Swatches: Reference Shade Tarte Shape Tape Light (Left) ; Better Skin Concealer 10 Ivory ; Better Skin Foundation 15 Ivory ; Reference Shade Tarte Amazonian Clay Fairly Light Neutral (without Flash after a few minutes) – I don’t notice it oxidizing throughout the day

Struggle Factor: Foundation 2 | Concealer 4 – I know, I know, these are basically on opposite ends of the struggle spectrum, but I honestly think the foundation is THAT much better than its matching concealer.  I love the coverage and the fact that there’s SPF and Vitamin C within the formula.  My skin does look better the more I use it, but I’m not sure that it is solely due to the Better Skin foundation and I definitely don’t think it looks less “stressed” like the claims.  I do find that I still need to blot throughout the day, despite the initial semi-matte finish – so it seems like a great drugstore foundation for for even dry skin types as well.  The concealer, on the other hand, is a complete pass for me.  It’s a pain to get enough product out of the tube onto the applicator wand and the coverage isn’t that great anyway.  I would pass on this one since Maybelline makes WAY better concealers (FIT ME! Concealer being my favorite!), not to mention there are other brands that make higher quality concealers for not that much more price-wise.    


Have any of you tried the Better Skin?  Love it? Hate it?  Have any other drugstore brands/products that you think are better or would like me to try out?  Let me know in the comments below and I’ll talk to you all on Friday!!


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