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Favorite Brow Products

Hey all!! Can’t believe it’s Wednesday already!


Today we’re going to be talking about brow products – both for upkeep and makeup.  I never used to take much notice to my brows, except to make sure they were waxed and cleaned up every once in awhile.  I always liked my brows on the thicker side and was never really a fan of plucking, which is good and bad – good because my eyebrows never got too thin to the point that it had trouble growing back, but bad because they could get bushy REAL FAST.  LOL


However, lately I’ve been much more aware of my brows due to the skincare systems I had been trying in the past.  Sounds weird, I know.  But back when I was on Pro-Activ+, which uses benzoyl peroxide in a few of it’s core products, I noticed my brows and hairline getting lighter and lighter.  Now I have lighter brunette hair with some natural highlights throughout which get much more noticeable in the summer – but when I was using a lot of strong acne-fighting products, not only were my highlights in full force, but my brows were bleached at least 2 shades lighter.  And while I loved my beach bum-like hair, my brows weren’t looking so cute when they practically disappeared after foundation.  Since I could never fully get away from topical acne treatments, I’ve come up with a few tips to keep my brows as full and as pigmented as possible.

  1. Precise Application of Less Product:  Pretty self-explanatory, but though I am way too OCD to go to bed without cleansing (learned my lesson in college LOL) some nights I’m way too tired to pay much attention to what I’m doing.  Even in those cases, I try to be extra careful around my hairline and eyes (including the brows) and use just the tiniest amount of product.  You can always add more, but once you put too much on it spreads EVERYWHERE!  (PLUS, putting on less means more of it gets absorbed and less will rub off on/stain your sheets)
  2. Wet a Q-Tip: I love this one and it’s so easy too!  After applying your topical treatments, even if you don’t think you got anything on them, you can wet a Q-Tip and just run it along your brows to remove any extra product before it can bleach it.  Also – when I say topical treatments, it doesn’t just have to be blemish creams.  Benzoyl peroxide is also in some cleansers or serums/moisturizers and should be wiped off the brows as well.
  3. Avoid Frequent Tweezing: This is more of a preemptive tip, but if you’re plucking everyday, you’re plucking too much.  Honestly, you notice way more strays than anyone else does – so just leave ‘em!  I maybe tidy up with tweezers every week or more, but usually I’m lazy and let it go until I need a wax again.   


However, if you have over-plucked way back when or, like me, can’t quit using benzoyl peroxide since it works – the use the following tips to ensure that your brows don’t go blah on your face 🙂

  1. Brow Gel (Struggle Factor: 1): These are the easiest products to bring your brows back to life, in my opinion.  Even on no makeup days I’ll sometimes run through them with a lighter shade just to give it some extra dimension.  My favorite products are the Benefit Gimme Brow ($24 Sephora) and the WAY cheaper dupe, Essence Make Me Brow ($2.99 Ulta). These are like mascara for the brows and the products mentioned above even contain fibers which basically mimic individual brow hairs to make yours look fuller.  TIP: If you can’t find a specific brow gel that you like or that is readily available in your drugstore, you can always use a brown or black mascara depending on your hair color.  Clear mascaras are great as well for just taming already full brows!
  2. Brow Powder (Struggle Factor: 2):  Powders are not as easy to work with as the brow gels since you have to be a bit more precise in where you apply them.  I love the NYX Eyebrow Powder (Reg $5.99, on sale for $4.19 Ulta) and I also got the Tarte Brow Toolbox before it was discontinued recently as well.  These still give you a natural looking brow, but they allow you to really push the product only into the sparse areas without putting caking up your brows.  TIP: They are also great items to have in your bag for touch-ups since they can double as eye shadows in a pinch!!
  3. Brow Pomade (Struggle Factor: 3-4): Pomades are probably the toughest brow products to work with since they are usually the most long-lasting and pigmented.  That means that it is really easy to over-do it if you aren’t careful.  I’ve only just started using them because I find that the other two mentioned above, don’t hold up with my oiliness for that long.  So if I really want a flawless brow, or even just a natural one that is going to last me a long day at work or at a special event, pomades are what I reach for.  I’ve been loving the Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse ($29.00 Tarte) and Make Up Forever Aqua Brow ($23.00 Make Up For Ever), but I also just picked up the Benefit Ka-Brow ($24.00 Ulta) during the 21 Days of Ulta sale last week.  I have to say, out of all of these, the Aqua Brow has the most staying power on my oily skin. This one is SO pigmented and more liquidy than the others which, I find, makes the application a bit easier.  The only annoying thing is the packaging – since it’s in a tube, you have to squeeze some out each time you use it.  TIP:  For the Aqua Brow, I actually only push a little out each time and then dip my brush into it and drag it along the length of tip in order to coat the bristles fully while still keeping the overall shape thin.

Whew!  That’s all I’ve got for now.  I know, I know. For someone that used to not care about her brows, I certainly became high-maintenance quick.  I wish I took more pictures of my bleached brows after foundation for you to see though.  I think that would really explain a lot since it was SCARY!


What about you all?  Any brow horror stories?? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


See you all on Friday!!


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