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I wanted to go through some of my favorite makeup brushes with you today since I am literally OBSESSED with brush sets.  They are my favorite way to apply makeup and I love that they are a bit lower maintenance than sponges.  Sponges are meant to be cleaned after every use – and though I know some people go a day or 2 before cleaning – my skin is way too acne-prone to miss a cleaning.  That’s where brushes come in.  I use foundation and concealer brushes for about a week before switching to a fresh one (unless I have a particularly bad breakout, in which case I might switch to a clean one after a day or so).  Eye brushes I will either rotate due to the colors I’m using or I usually just spot clean them (especially eyeliner and brow brushes – I spot clean those after every use).  Powder, bronzer/contour, and blush brushes I can usually get away with using for about 2 weeks to a month before getting a clean one out, but it all depends on how my face is acting.  I like having a bunch of brushes so I always have a clean one to reach for which really helps minimize the number of times I breakout.


Below are my favorite brushes for each stage of makeup (excluding primer since I never use a brush for that!) *PS – I don’t really notice shedding with any of the brushes I use, so I rarely comment on that, in case you’re wondering :)*:

Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki
  1. Foundation: Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki Brush (Retail: $25.00) – I absolutely love this brush for foundation.  It is large enough that it does not take me forever to cover my face, but the angled shape also allows for maneuverability in covering those tight spaces like between/under the eyes and around the nose.  It is also great for cream contour or blush since the angle fits the cheekbone really well!  I have two of these (both bought through sets on sale) so I can always have a fresh one on deck!
    Furless PRO2M Brush

    Luxie 120 Detail Round Blender
  2. Concealer: Furless Must Have Pro Precision Brush (Retail: $13.95) to apply & Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Detail Round Blender Face Brush 120 (Retail: $12.00) to blend – Furless seems like such an underrated brand.  You get amazing quality and the prices are not at all outrageous.  This brush holds a deceiving amount of product making it less likely that I have to dip back into the pot or palette after applying concealer on a blemish. It is so precise that it makes covering either your under eye bags or the tiniest of zits, a completely breeze!  To blend it out I usually reach for this small round top kabuki by Luxie. I find this brush to be a bit softer and less densely packed than the Sigma version, which I prefer when blending out concealer.  It is fluffy enough to smooth out the edges of where I applied concealer without picking up any of the product – so I don’t lose coverage.
    Morphe R44 Angled Liner/Spoolie
  3. Eyebrows: Morphe R44 Angled Liner/Spoolie (Retail: $4.00) – I used to be a brow pencil girl all the way, but then I tried the Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse and Makeup Forever Aqua Brow which converted me to a pomade/gel formula.  That’s why I always prefer to have a spoolie with my brush – it’s just quicker and easier during application.  This one is the perfect length to hold either end and the actual brush is thick enough to cover a decent area at a time, but still thin enough to get those precise hair-like lines necessary to achieve a natural brow.  Plus – at $4 a piece, you can’t beat it!  I have two just in case I lose one!!
    BH Cosmetics Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale #1 Brush

    Tarte Dual Ended Brush
  4. Setting Powder: BH Cosmetics Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale 8 Piece Brush Set #1 Brush (Retail: $19.00 – ON SALE FOR $12.35) & Tarte Dual Ended Brush from the Limited Edition Back to School Tools Brush Set (Retail: $39.00) – The #1 large powder brush from the Illuminate set is one of my favorites (mentioned in my initial collection review here).  The whole set is super soft, but I love that this one is huge and slightly flat, yet still round in shape.  It really allows you to either do a light dusting of a translucent powder to quickly set, or pack on a powder foundation for added coverage.  I sometimes use it under my eyes as well (especially if I’m in a rush), but normally I use something like the Tarte brush – this is from their latest back-to-school brush set, so it doesn’t have a name.  I love the tapered shape of this one since it makes the under eyes and around the nose, really easy to get to without having to pinch the head of a larger powder brush.  Plus, Tarte brushes are so freaken soft and the wood and gold design is just gorgeous!  Bonus on this one – since it is a dual ended brush, the smaller one is perfect for using my elf Mineral Blemish Powder over precise breakouts like I mentioned here.
  5. Bronzer and Contour: Morphe R10 Deluxe Tapered Powder (Retail: $15.00) or Sonia Kashuk Round Top Brush (it was from a holiday collection a year or so ago, but this one looks similar for $15.00) – The Morphe brush is so soft that it makes just a light dusting of bronzer to the forehead and cheeks, look really natural and sunkissed.  But the tapered shape also allows you to get into the hollows of your cheekbone for a natural contour as well.  It’s a great everyday brush which I tend to reach for a lot (when it’s clean)!  My other favorite is this one from a Sonia Kashuk limited edition holiday brush set.  Thes super soft as well, but the small round shape makes carving out the cheekbones really effortless.  She has plenty of similar brushes in her current sets as well as the single one I linked above from Target – and the affordability of her products is incredible as well!
    Sedona Lace 850 Large Angle Contour Brush

    Tarte Blush Brush
  6. Blush: Tarte Blush Brush (no longer available) and Sedona Lace Large Angle Contour Brush 850 (Retail: $16.95 – ON SALE FOR $11.87) – The Tarte brush I actually got with a blush palette from QVC a while back, so I can’t find it for sale anywhere anymore.  But what I love about it is that the bristles are longer, but slightly tapered at the top.  The base by the ferrule is pinched, which means that though it is a densely packed brush, by the time you get to the top, it’s fanned out quite a bit.  This means that you pick up just the right amount of product – and with blush, you can definitely go overboard real quick!  I find that the #3 brush from the Illuminate set mentioned earlier is a similar shape as well – so check that out if you are interested!  I also love angled brushes like the Sedona Lace one, for blush as well.  It’s not my favorite for contour (which just goes to show you that you don’t have to use a brush for a certain area due to its name) since I sometimes find that with the angle, my contour can go too far towards my mouth while blending if I’m not careful.  Sedona Lace has really affordable products and the quality is there as well.  Plus, the pink handles are just adorable! I actually have the travel set in pink as well and I keep the angled one or the duo-fiber one in my bag for touch-ups on the go!

Well, there you have it!  I stuck to the main, base brushes – stuff I use everyday since I don’t always wear eye shadow.  But if you liked this kind of post and want another one on my favorite eye brushes or just more about brushes in general (best sets, brands to splurge on, etc) – let me know in the comments below.  


What are your favorite brushes – or are you a sponge-lover??  I’d love to know!


Until next time xox


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