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Fiona Stiles SHEER SCULPTING PALETTE – Product Review

SHEER SCULPTING PALETTE Retail – $28.00 (at Ulta)

Color Options – Light/Medium | Medium/Dark

Contains – 3 x Powders, Total Net Wt. 0.39 oz/11.1g


Hello again!!

Coming at you with another product review on a contour palette from Fiona Stiles – which is a relatively new brand.  I believe Fiona Stiles, a celebrity MUA, launched this line with Ulta only a year or so ago.  I think it launched in the summer of 2016, but I could be wrong.  This product in particular is no longer on Ulta’s site, but I think that is due to the brand going through repackaging.  The whole line has been on sale for a while and I read somewhere that they were getting rid of their old stock to make room for the new products in new packaging.  I would assume the formulations will remain unchanged, but don’t quote me on any of that!! LOL  Anyway, there is still some available at QVC for $32.00 since it comes with brush if you are looking to pick it up.

Fiona Stiles Sheer Sculpting Palette (Light/Medium)
I bought mine back in January during an Ulta sale in the color Light/Medium.  The packaging is sleek and compact, which is perfect for storing and travel since it is not big and bulky like some other contour palettes on the market.  The palette contains three contour shades ranging from light, cool beige/taupe that’s perfect for pale skin to a dark warm brown that still shows on medium, tan tones.  All are matte, almost creamy shades that are a sheer pigmentation.  Now that probably sounds like an oxymoron in the beauty world, since usually sheer and pigmented are on two opposite ends of the spectrum.  However, these powders do have great color payoff, little to no kick-up in the pan, and are extremely blendable which allows you to really build just one shade of the product up from a light/natural contour to an intense Instagram-worthy, chiseled look.  It has quickly become my go-to palette for contouring and bronzing with natural and glam looks.  

Sheer Sculpting Palette (L/M) Swatches (left to right in palette – single layer)
I always start with the lightest shade (even when I’ve got on fake tan) for my cheeks.  Any brush works, but I’ve been loving my Morphe R10 Deluxe Tapered Powder to slowing start sculpting out my cheekbones.  If I’m doing an everyday, light makeup look I tend to stick with only a single layer of this shade in the hollows of my cheeks before using a mix of that same shade and middle, warmer shade along the perimeter of my face (forehead, jaw, chin and down the neck if I need to match a tan).  If I am particularly pale (like in January when I first purchased this) I will stick to the cool-toned first shade, even for around my face since sometimes even the hit of a warm undertone can look orange on fair skin.  Which – if you are fair skinned, PLEASE buy this palette ASAP.  The first shade is pretty much the BEST contour shade for pale skin tones and you will fall in love with it like I did!

For special occasions or just days when I feel like going a bit bigger with my makeup, I build up that first shade in the hollows of my cheeks with maybe 2 or three applications and then deepen it even more by adding the middle shade to only the outer third.  If I’m freshly tanned, I’ll go in with a mix of the middle and third, darker shade to hit the outside of my face giving off a sun-kissed, chiseled look.  If I’m feeling particularly glam, I’ll hit that first cool-tone shade back up and slim my nose, then run it under my bottom lip to make them appear a bit larger.

Sheer Sculpting Palette (L/M) Swatches (built up – 3 Layers)
No matter what look I am doing with these shades or how much I’m building it up, they have never once gotten muddy or patchy.  They are so smooth during application and they blend equally flawless over any type, formula, or brand of foundation.  It is by far my favorite contour palette so far and I will be severely disappointed if they do not re-stock (newly packaged or otherwise).  

Struggle Factor: -1,000!! LOL No, really – I have to give it the best rating, which is a 1, since it is literally the easiest product to apply (no matter what your experience or skill level).  The powders are pigmented, yet sheer – natural, yet intense – and the colors are perfect for extremely pale all the way up to medium/tan.  They do have a Medium/Dark option, which I mentioned earlier, that looks like it would work for darker skin tones, but I have not tried it out on anyone yet so I am not too sure.  I honestly recommend the heck out of this product though and plan to try a lot more Fiona Stiles (especially the Matte Finish Foundation Concentrate) once the products come back in stock.  


Has anyone tried this palette out in either shade?  What did you think?  Try any of her other products/got any recommendations for me to pick up?  Let me know below!!



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