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JustFab – Subscription Service

So this is a bit of a different post, but I since they have been starting to include free cosmetic gifts with certain orders – I figured I could get away with including them here.  Plus – my blog, my rules 😉 HAHA.

Anyway, I know a lot of people have had really negative experiences with the company, but I have been a member of JustFab since 2011 and I have loved them ever since.  JustFab is a subscription service that charges $39.95 a month for their brand of shoes, bags, clothes, etc all found on their site.  If you don’t use the $39.95 that month to purchase an actual item, it becomes 1 Credit and can be redeemed on an order anytime after for that same $39.95 value.  I think that if you don’t use a credit within 12 months, it transfers over to a “Store Credit” in the amount of $39.95 as well.  And I think if they are still running a promotion, your first purchase when you sign up is only $19.95, not $39.95.  The exact terms and details can be found on their site though, don’t take my word for it (in case I got any of that wrong!!).  Each month, your personal stylist creates a boutique of items geared towards your preferences filled out when you signed up.  They have great quality items, reasonable prices, and customer service is amazing.  The only “problem” I have had with them in the 6 years of membership has been missing reward points when their program changed since I was not aware that they would start to expire.  Even that they would up helping me by reinstating at least some of them so I didn’t lose them all.

Naila boots – Brown (Size: 9)

But back to the products – the shoes are incredible when you think that they are under $40 (sometimes under $20) and even the first pair I ever bought back in ‘11 is still going strong with me today.  What I love about JustFab is the fact that though they are always changing and progressing, they stay true to their core principle – shoes for $39.95.  Unlike some other subscription services where you sign on at $40 per month, but they sell nothing for under $60 – shoes, bags, and now clothes at JustFab are almost 95% of the time listed at $39.95.  Of course, they always have a real leather pair or a silk blouse that can run the price up a bit – for the most part, you can find something within your budget every month.  

Longline Parka Jacket – Dusty Pink (Size: Large)

Also, if you can’t afford to have your credit card automatically charged $39.95 a month – just sign into your account before the 5th of the month and “Skip the Month”.  VIOLA! No charge for that month, but you can still shop later on if you need to and if you don’t skip the month following, your charges start back up.  There’s also no limits to how many months you skip.  I think I’ve skipped close to a whole year and kept my account up and running.

I find it very flexible and easy to manage.  Especially since I do most of my shopping online now a days (except for places like Target & TJ Maxx, etc).  Shipping is fast, free, and returns are a breeze.  I don’t remember the last time I bought a pair of shoes that was not from JustFab and I honestly don’t feel the need to buy any others anyway.  They have a great range of heels to flats, boots to sandals and everything in between.  The products are always well made and whether you are wearing boots in winter or clothing in summer, they hold up to the wear and tear of everyday use.  

Patagonia boots – Cognac (Size: 9) *Favorite from 2013!!*

Needless to say, I highly recommend them to anyone who – like me – prefers to have multiple different categories of products available from the same trusted brand, for affordable prices.  The only thing I wish they would move towards is making their materials in the US.  I get that they have to keep prices low, but other companies are making the move, so maybe they will too.

Button Down Sash Romper – Duck Green (Size: M)

If you’re interested in trying them out, feel free to use my personal invite here.  I think I get like $15 in store credit if you sign up using my link, but if you’re not comfortable with that – just got to their site and sign up from there 🙂

Have you tried JustFab?  What did you think?


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