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Ole Henriksen Balance It All – Product Review

*DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me by Ole Henriksen – but I am not getting sponsored or paid to review*


BALANCE IT ALL (Oily & combination skin Regimen Kit) Retail – $34.00 / $70.00 Full Size

Contains – Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser 2oz, Balancing Force Oil Control Toner 2oz, Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator 0.5oz  / Full Size: Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser 5oz, Balancing Force Oil Control Toner 6.5oz, Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator 1.7oz, Free Bag: OLEHENRIKSEN grab-and-glow pouch


Welcome back fellow skin strugglers!!

Today I wanted to share my thoughts with you on the new Ole Henriksen Balance It All product line for oily/combo skins.  They recently released a whole new look – new packaging, new naming, even some new formulations – and they sent this particular kit to me to try out since I have been using their products for over a year now.  

I just want to stress that even though this was sent to me by the company, I am not being paid to do a review – nor was I sent the products under an agreement to write a positive review.  They literally just sent it to me since I order from them a lot and review on their site just as much.  I stand behind Ole’s products 100% and if you have read my Current Skincare Routine post, you can see that not only do I love the brand, but their stuff actually works!!

Ole sent this kit to me back in March when they launched their new look.  Being a huge fan of the brand, I started using them immediately and first noticed the how amazing they smelled!!  Seriously all of his products smell like a freaken spa on your face.  Following the directions that come with this kit, you are meant to wash your face with the cleanser, then go in with the toner, and finish off with the oil control hydrator – pretty standard format.  

This line has an almost minty, herby scent to it that I assume comes from the Green Fusion Complex (algae, green tea, eucalyptus combo) in it.  These also contain AHAs and BHAs which increase cell turnover to reveal smoother and more youthful looking skin.  The cleanser and toner are almost identical to the original ALOE VERA DEEP CLEANSER and GREASE RELIEF TONIC from the old product line.  I noticed that the new ones now contain some more ingredients and they seem to have removed the chamomile from the original formula and replaced it with green tea extracts, both of which are great anti-inflammatory ingredients.  Honestly though, when I actually used these I thought they worked just as well as the original line so those of you that were upset with losing the old oily skin line – definitely pick these up!

The game-changer for me was the brand new Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator that comes with this kit.  Damn does this stuff work!  It contains the same Green Fusion Complex and BHA/AHAs mentioned above, but it also has rosehips and Neem seed oil.  Rosehips is great for oily skin since it is a dry oil that absorbs quickly and does not “grease up” like other oils.  It is also contains Vitamin C and can reduce the look of fine lines & scars, so I have used rosehip for a while.  The Neem seed oil was a new one for me though and all Ole’s site says is “a legendary ingredient in Ayurveda” so I took to the GOOGLE!  Apparently, this oil is from the neem, which is basically an Indian evergreen tree, and can be used as an antiseptic and antihistamine.  What I thought was the most interesting is that it also has acne-fighting properties as well!  I am thinking of it as a tea tree oil so not only does it keep me matte, but it prevents future breakouts as well – SCORE!!  BONUS! – Sometimes I’ll just use this as a “primer” before powder foundations on low-key days and it works phenomenally!

All in all, this was a great little kit, but I noticed that the benefits mentioned above were amplified when I re-introduced my Ole Truth Serum ($72.00/1.7 oz) and Invigorating Night Gel ($48/1.7oz) serums into the mix.  So I definitely recommend using those in conjunction with this set to get the best results – especially if you have skin similar to mine. Though I think everything was priced well, I do wish that the set came with the two serums to really pack a savings punch!!

Struggle Factor: 2 – Love the products and they work great for my oily skin.  I literally recommend them to EVERYONE I talk to (unless they have dry/sensitive skin).  The only reason I gave a 2 instead of a 1 is that I personally find that they work better when used with the Ole Henriksen serums.  Since those have to be purchased separately I don’t think this is a truly “complete” kit.


What about you – have you tried the old Ole or new one?  If you would like to try this or any of Ole’s other products, use my link below and we both get $15 off!! If you’re not comfortable with that just Google their site and check out what they have!

Let me know your thoughts below!


Until next time!! xox


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