Current Skincare Routine

Hello lovelies!! Today’s post is all about my current skincare routine and what had really been working for me lately.  Basically, I use two main brands that I am completely loyal to since they have improved my skin more in the last year than any other product I have used in the last ten!  I know this may sound like a lot to some people, but I was not blessed with nice, easy skin.  This is what I found works best for my skin type and the concerns I am currently focused on.  I tried to go a bit more in depth on the actual ingredients of each product and what it does since these are the things I normally look for in new products.  Hopefully it will help you learn what does or doesn’t work for you, but always do your own research and talk to a dermatologist if you are having serious skin concerns.  

Ole Henriksen is the first one and Dr. Spiller is the most recent favorite.  Dr. Spiller I got into from my favorite YouTuber, Chloe Morello.  I’ve tried out a few of the products she’s recommended in the past (both skincare and beauty) and they have really worked for me being an oily skin type as well.  Basically, Dr. Spiller’s products are oil-based so they can penetrate the skin, yet lightweight and breathable like a water based product.  One would think oil-based product would scare off an oily-skinned girl like myself, but after doing a bit of research – I was totally on board.  Lately, I have been using the Dr. Spiller Cucumber Cleansing milk both morning and night and I love it.  Not only does it smell like a spa, but I can really feel my skin soaking up the product before I rinse it off – which I feel marks a truly effective face wash.  This contains cucumber extract (a natural astringent, so it helps to really clean out my pores) and arginine which is an amino acid that acts like an antioxidant to repair damage and promote collagen production.  Also, it has a pH around 6.4-6.6 which helps reduce breakouts since our skin is supposed come in slightly acidic at 5 on the pH scale.  BONUS: My toner, which I apply next, doesn’t have to work so hard to balance out my pH since I don’t use a highly alkaline cleanser.  

The toner I am currently using is the Pixi Glow Tonic with aloe vera and ginseng.  This is the only non-Ole or Dr Spiller product in my everyday routine, but surprisingly I have been using it the longest and it really is a holy grail toner for me no matter what other lines I’m trying out.  The aloe vera in it obviously helps cool and calm the skin after washing, but it also treats acne, fights aging, and provides moisture to the skin while the ginseng helps brighten and is also known for its anti-aging benefits.  There is also 5% glycolic acid in it which is a gentle exfoliant to help remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the face with new ones.  The acid also helps balance the pH of my skin back to the slightly acidic 5 it should naturally be.  Plus, it’s also alcohol-free so it won’t dehydrate my skin- which means my skin won’t overcompensate for that tight, dry feeling and produce even more oil later on.  

This is what I do everyday, twice a day – morning and night.  After toner, I go in with a serum.  This is where my AM and PM routine changes.  

My absolute HOLY GRAILS in skincare are the Ole Henriksen Vitamin C Truth Serum and the Invigorating Night Treatment gel serum.  I use the Truth serum in the mornings and the Invigorating Night serum at, well, night obviously.  The Truth serum is (and smells!) amazingly refreshing first thing in the morning after washing my face.  It has Vitamin C, which once again helps brighten the skin and fight aging, but what I really love it for is the collagen.  Like we all know, collagen helps plump and restore elasticity to the skin – basically bringing vitality back into the skin after hammering our faces with anti-acne or pore-minimizing treatments.  I have noticed a DRASTIC difference in the appearance of my pores and scarring since using this serum and will continue to use it everyday.  Then at night, instead of using the Truth Serum, I go in with the Invigorating Treatment gel.  This contains microalgae which adds hydration and softens the skin as well as glycolic and lactic acid to once again increase cell turnover via gentle exfoliation overnight.  This has really tightened up my pores and helped minimize what I think is pitted scarring or the scarred pores on my cheeks.  Though the algae smell can be overpowering at first, this gel is really quick absorbing which ensures that the scent doesn’t linger past initially applying.  I do find that though I can use the Vitamin C serum in the morning or at night, the Invigorating Night serum tends to pill if I put my day cream or primers on before makeup – so that one definitely sticks to nighttime for me!

The last step in my skincare routine (both morning and night) is moisturizing.  I use Ole’s Fresh Start Eye Cream (which I think is now discontinued 😦 wah!!) and this has avocado & grapeseed oils for hydration and  Vitamins A & E.  Vitamin A to fight wrinkles and E for moisture as well as aiding in UV protection.  This is a nick thick, yet quick-absorbing cream that has really diminished the fine lines around my eyes without being too harsh and stinging like some others that I have tried in the past.  

For my face, the current day cream I have been using is Dr. Spiller’s Azulen Cream Light.  Online, this moisturizer is recommended for sensitive skin (though all skin types can use it) and those in particularly hot climates.  It is a light cream that absorbs quickly leaving the skin feeling quenched, but not greasy.  I actually enjoyed this during the winter – since it is not necessarily an oily skin-type moisturizer, it gave me a bit more hydration while still being non-greasy in the dry, cold Northeast winter.  This is another one with grapeseed oil for moisturization, but it also has Azulene (hence the name) which is a chemical produced by Chamomile and has the same calming benefits as well.  I also got a sample of the Propolis Day Cream, which is specifically geared toward oily skin that I hope will be better for me in the hotter summer months coming up.  I’ll have an update if I do!

My moisturizer at night is the richer, heavier, Collagen Cream (also by Dr. Spiller).  This one is pretty self explanatory, but after all the glycolic acid (toner and serums) I use at night, I really like to hit my face up with some added hydration.  Since this is a heavier cream, made more for dry and mature skin types, I do tend to go a little light on the product usage so a little goes a LONG way (which is great since it’s a bit expensive).  Obviously, we once again have the collagen to help fill out my texture problems and even out my skin, but this also contains more Vitamin E in the form of avocado extract as well as lanolin and bee’s wax.  The latter two help in moisturizing and softening the skin which makes for the most amazing complexion upon waking in the morning.

Though I do sometimes use acne spot treatments if I’m having a breakout or macks/peels when I am feeling particularly congested, I usually swap brands and experiment with products here so it changes daily depending on how my skin is at the time.  If you want me to go into my favorites of those, let me know!!

I know this was an information overload and some people will tell me I’m doing this or that wrong – keep in mind that all our skin types and body types are different.  Therefore the way we react to certain products or ingredients can differ as well.  I did a lot of trial and error before coming to this list of products that work the way I want them to, but with that being said – they may not work as well for you.  If nothing else, hopefully I have at least introduced you to some new ingredients or product types to look out for (or stay away from) depending on what you are trying to achieve 🙂


See you all next time!  



7 thoughts on “Current Skincare Routine”

  1. I really want to try pixi stuff, I’ve heard amazing things about the brand 😀 I saw you blog on Naya’s blog party! Would love to be a internet friend of yours! Check out my page if you want 😀
    Love, Mimi


    1. Hey! Thanks for the follow 🙂 pixi is an amazing brand! Obviously I love the glow tonic but I’ve used their rose oil blend, their makeup fixing apart and a few other things and absolutely love them just as much! Plus their affordable and since Target carries them, it’s an easy brand for me to get a hold of. Highly recommend!!

      And I followed your blog! Love the fall nail polishes!! I’ve already picked up a bunch of new colors from Ciaté that I’m planning a post on later 🙂

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